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Public Transportation

In Brussels, the metro, trams, and buses operate as part of the same system and are run by the city's transport authority, STIB/MIVB (Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles/Maatschappij voor het Intercommunaal Vervoer te Brussel). You can buy the tickets in metro stations, trains, and in some shops. A single "Jump" ticket, which can be used among all three systems in an hour-long time frame, costs €1.70 (or €2 if you buy your ticket on board a tram or bus). The best buy is a 10-trip ticket, which costs €12.30.


STIB/MIVB. 070/23–20–00;

The De Lijn bus company provides bus, tram, and trolley service throughout Flanders. In Brugge, most buses run every few minutes (less often on Sunday). Several bus lines take you from the station to the city center. In Gent, De Lijn has several trams and dozens of bus lines. There are stops all over town, and most buses and trams run every 10 to 15 minutes. And in Antwerp, De Lijn's premetro system runs 13 tram lines both over- and underground, supplemented by an extensive, regular bus network. For all services, tickets cost €3 whether bought on board or via a ticket machine. Cheaper €1.80 tickets can be purchased via SMS; simply text "DL" for a 60-minute or "DL120" for a 120-minute ticket to 4884 (a list of mobile phone operators that provide this service is available on the De Lijn website). Alternatively, €5 day passes can be purchased in advance (€7 if bought on board) at the bus terminals in Gent, Brugge, and Antwerp. There are daily night buses available in both Gent and Brugge, and in Antwerp on Friday and Saturday.

De Lijn. De Lijn 070/22–02–00;


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