Baber Mahal Revisited


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Baber Mahal Revisited

The Baber Mahal was originally a Rana palace that dates back to 1919, but has now been redesigned and repurposed into a chic and beautiful shopping centre hosting clothing stores, galleries and some fine restaurants and bars. The quality of the products here is high and clearly aimed at tourists and the local elite, so expect higher prices than you might find elsewhere in the city.


Kathmandu offers everything from luxury boutiques and shopping centres to bargain outlets and outdoor markets. Visitors can shop for designer clothing or interesting souvenirs, but where the city really shines is in handicrafts and antiques: everything from scroll paintings and metalwork to handwoven cloths, gems, incense, teas and spices. Of course, adventurers can also find their share of trekking gear shops to prepare for their mountain expeditions.