National Museum of Nepal


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National Museum of Nepal

Nepal's National Museum houses wonderful treasures, ranging from Buddhist art (statues, paintings and gigantic manuscripts) to stone, metal and terracotta statues. The highlight is the statue of Sukhavara Samvara, with 34 intricate arms and 10 faces. Another favourite is the collection of weapons belonging to national heroes such as Prithvi Narayan Shah, the founder of Nepal. National Museum has three exhibition buildings — the Historical building, the Juddha Jatiya art gallery, and the Buddhist art gallery.

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Kathmandu is a spiritual and cultural centre of great importance for both Buddhist and Hindu traditions, and as such, it boasts a dizzying wealth of stunning temples, shrines and sacred places that have been delighting visitors for years. The city is also home to a few genuinely interesting museums that record the tumultuous history of Nepal.