Durbar Square


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Durbar Square

Kathmandu's central square is a breathtaking sight, packed with palaces, temples, shrines, and pagodas. The colours, sounds and smells are intoxicating as what seems like the whole city passes through on any given day. It is the centre of spiritual and cultural life in Kathmandu and cannot be missed. Kathmandu Durbar Square in front of the old royal palace is one of three Durbar Squares in the Kathmandu Valley, all of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Do & See

Kathmandu is a spiritual and cultural centre of great importance for both Buddhist and Hindu traditions, and as such, it boasts a dizzying wealth of stunning temples, shrines and sacred places that have been delighting visitors for years. The city is also home to a few genuinely interesting museums that record the tumultuous history of Nepal.